Looking for safety gate latches or hinges?  Look no further – Artisan Outdoors proudly supplies Safetech Hardware.

Safetech is a market-leading gate fence hardware manufacturer, and for good reason.  Safetech specializes in quality products designed to save the contractor (or homeowner) time – and ultimately money.  Made from polymer and other non-corrosive materials, rust will never be an issue.  Being UV-stabilized ensures the colors won’t fade in sunlight.  The limited lifetime warranty shows these products are built for life.

You say Saftech is designed for ease of installation – how so?  The pool latches are designed to adjust both vertically and horizontally, and all latches in a few moments can switch from being installed on the left to the right.  The hinges can be tensioned with a simple allen key, also provided.

Think Saftech and Artisan Outdoors when you need pool latches, gate latches, automatic closing hinges, and a sleek, no-hassle look.

Products we offer:

  • TriLatch Triple Security Pool Latch (SL-50-TRI)
  • CobraLatch, Gravity Gate Latch (SL-2000)
  • TopKlik Adjustable Self-Closing Hinges (SHG-90L)
  • MegaKlik Adjustable Self-Closing Hinges, Heavy Duty (SHH-135LS)
  • Visit Safetech’s website to learn more, or to watch installation videos!