Discount Bundles

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Price: 50% OFF

Sizes Available:

Various Sizes

Take a look at the attached pictures to see the options we have on discounted items.  The Pressure Treated items (the Red-Brown color products) would be perfect for retaining walls.  The 2×4 and 4×4 Redwood, including the fence boards and lattice, would be perfect for planter boxes and other outdoor projects.

Examples of what’s available:

4’x8′ sheets of lattice for $12.99/sheet

4×4 Redwood for $1.00/lineal foot *4 foot and shorter*

4×4 Redwood at 50-75% off when standard lengths of 8′ and longer

Miscellaneous Redwood items at 50-75% normal retail price

Pressure Treated Items – 10 items *any size* for $20

…. And more!