Here at Artisan we chose to supply Grabber Construction Products for our customers. We chose Grabber for a variety of reasons, including:

Consistent Quality. Because Grabber owns their own mills, they control the steel used for their products, and how the product is made. This means what you buy today is the same as what you buy tomorrow.

Excellent Bit Tip Design. All Grabber bit tips are made for “close tolerances”. This means a perfect fit every time into the screw recess, allowing for less stripping, faster install, and less waste.

GrabberGard Coating. Grabber’s personal design for rust resistance. After the 1,000 hour salt spray test, the product shows no sign of red rust.

Products available in our store:

  • Red Torx (Star) Hand Drive screws, 1.1/4″ through 4″
  • SuperDrive Automatic Screw Gun
  • Lag-Master, for Ledger Boards, Underdeck Connections, and More
  • Tie-Master, for Retaining Walls, Decks, Ledger Boards, and More