Garden Box

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Artisan stocks the lumber materials for your garden project.  Gardens are a great addition to any yard, as they add value and character to your home. We sell the materials to build your own boxes from scratch, with pricing below on our more popular options, in a rough finish.  Surfaced available as well, just ask for current prices!


  • For $1.09 per foot, 2×6 Redwood in 8’ to 14′ lengths, and $1.19 per foot for 16′-20′ lengths
  • For $2.30 per foot, 2×8 Redwood in 8’ to 20’ lengths
  • For $3.05 per foot, 2×12 Redwood in 8′ to 20′ lengths
  • For $16.99 per piece, 4x4x8′ Redwood posts for the corners of your boxes
  • For $6.29 per piece, 2x4x8′ Redwood rails to help support your new Redwood planter box.
  • Hardware cloth available as well for the bottom of your garden beds… for pricing and sizes available!